Who’s Running This Place Anyway?

20141111_150918We are Dave and Mindi Pettitt, your hosts for your stay at the pet friendly Riverside Vacation Rental. We’ve lived in Nanaimo since 2004. Back in about 2005 Mindi took Dave out on a scouting venture. “Let’s just drive around and discover something new about Nanaimo.”, she said. “I hear people like the Nanaimo River.”

Here we are many years later, having bided our time. Waiting for the right time and place to buy our dream home on that very river. We’ve travelled around the world and even lived in Mexico for half the year, but there is no better place in the world than our very own piece of waterfront property. A perpetually renewing swimming hole, at the edge of the mountains. Previous owners of 99 River Terrace, John and Gina did an amazing job turning this into a dream property. We couldn’t ask for anything more than what they’ve created here and we are so thrilled to make this our home. At the same time, we welcome our guests to come and discover the hidden beauty of Vancouver Island.


MindiHome Mindi grew up in the Comox Valley. In early 2002, she took a two year hiatus from island life and moved to Calgary to find the catch of her life and reel him back to Nanaimo. Without to much of a fight… in fact the big bugger jumped right in the boat and they made roots on the coast. Upon returning to Nanaimo she threw her hat into making this a better community and started the website HarbourLiving.ca . The exhaustive list of everything happening on Vancouver Island. Today, she manages Dave’s career and apparently runs a Vacation Rental.


DaveHomeDave is originally an Alberta boy, but even old friends will attest he’s was rarely seen without his Birkenstocks. Winter be damned. He even had the long hair and lack of fashion sense to prove he belonged on the island. Most days, Dave spends his time in a small room talking to himself. Thankfully that’s turned into an actual career in voice over. You can hear his voice on all kinds of commercials as well as the narrator of television programs like Discovery’s Highway Thru Hell and Heavy Rescue 401.

Morning view to the river from the cabin patio

The Furry Greeters

Riverside Vacation Rental is of course a dog or pet friendly vacation rental. We don’t see a lot of cats and never once a snake. Okay… we actually draw the line at snakes. READ – NO SNAKES! Sorry. Also know, we are a household of dogs, they are all friendly towards cats (not snakes) but if you’re not sure about your pet, we trust you’ll keep your pet and our dogs safe and happy. Meet the crew:



Welcoming Committee

Lemon. AKA the happiest dog on the planet. Our Bernese girl absolutely loves the river and playing with other dogs. She’s been known to dive head first in the water. Please don’t let her on your bed ?

  • Friendliness 85% 85%
  • Coffee Table Sweeping 65% 65%
  • Gentle Heart 100% 100%


International Relations

The newest member of the Pettitt crew, Taco joins us from Mazatlan, Mexico. He’s not 100% sure of everything and everyone, but he’s learning the ropes of what it means to becoming a Canadian. If you see Corona bottles around, it’s probably Taco!

  • Getting into things 77% 77%
  • Scavenging 90% 90%
  • Cuddles 85% 85%


Always Watching Over Us

Goliath was the canine patriarch of our family. November 2015, he moved on to his swimming hole in the sky. You had never seen a dog swim like Goliath. He loved the water and I think he barked at every rock in the Nanaimo River. That old boy lived almost 15 years with Dave and Mindi. We are thankful for the people he met here at Riverside who took the time to crouch down with him and give him love, because there wasn’t much chance of him jumping up to greet you. We miss our boy like crazy. We’ll post a memorial site here, where you can sit with your pooch and be thankful for all that dogs bring to our lives.

  • Security 90% 90%
  • Agility 10% 10%
  • Faithfulness 100% 100%